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HPMC Capsules: A Perfect Substitute for Vegans

With time, the demand for  HPMC Capsules   for oral consumption has increased to a great extent due to its widespread use without any fillers. When compared to gelatin capsules, people have now started using HPMC capsules because of their plant-based origin.  HPMC capsule or hydroxypropyl methylcellulose capsule is not only non-GMO in nature but also free from starch, allergens, preservatives as well as gluten completely.    This capsule is safe for human consumption and also perfect for people who are looking for a gelatin capsule alternative as it is made using vegetable extracts.    What is HPMC capsule?   HPMC capsule contains hydroxypropyl methylcellulose as its main ingredient for both the capsule body as well as the cap.    Although several materials have been tested as an alternative for gelatin capsule but HPMC capsule has only become a successful substitute which is often used for supplements across the world.    The main role of the HPMC capsule is to