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Tips To Choose the Best Form of a Capsule

Capsules definitely have more benefits than solid drugs and it too can be formulated in capsules. These capsules are generally made of a different form of materials. It is very important while choosing a capsule, you must keep in mind some factors such as the shell of the capsule must act as a barrier from oxygen or water.  Selecting a type of capsule There is different form or type of capsules advised by the doctors. Generally, the dry-filled capsules are generally either made of hard gelatin, hard hydroxypropyl methylcellulose or hypromellose which knew as HPMC capsules . On the other hand, liquid-filled capsules are made of soft gelatin material. The weight of the capsule depends on the material which is filled in the capsule which generally ranges from 0.3-1.5g/cc. The smallest capsule weighs around 39mg whereas the largest may weigh up to 1425mg.  Generally, the shell of any hard gelatin capsule contains around 16% of water. It is advisable not to keep the capsules a