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Take the Healthy Road with Gelatin Capsules

Like all other things, the medicine industry too has evolved over all these years. With the common man becoming increasingly aware of the possible harmful side effects of medication, there is a slow but steady shift towards other natural healthy substitutes. Vitamins and dietary supplements are growing in popularity and medicine too is being preferred in its most generic and natural form. Gelatin –A natural and healthy alternative With this paradigm shift towards natural herbs and herbal medicines, Gelatin capsules have come to the limelight as a safer, healthier, and most natural form of medication. What exactly is Gelatin? Gelatin refers to animal protein that is used in the preparation of medicine capsules, as also in food items and cosmetics. The primary component of Gelatin is collagen, a protein that is collected from several amino acids usually found in the muscle tissues and bones of animals. Owing to its natural composition, Gelatin is considered to be a