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How to Select the Best Capsule Manufacturer?

If you are a manufacturer of medicines or supplements that need to be enclosed in capsules then you will need the best capsule manufacturers for the purpose. Now there are a large number of capsule manufacturers. So the question is how to opt for the best manufacturer. A range of products: The best capsule manufacturers will have a range of products. They will not limit the manufacturing to some selected products. They will have the facility to make HPMC Capsules , liquid filled capsules, preservative-free capsules, pullulan capsules , hard shell capsules etc, Best manufacturing facilities: Reputed capsule manufacturers will have the best manufacturing facilities. They will have state of the art WHO-GMP certified facility. They will have automatic production lines and huge production capacity. They will have any colour printing and they will also have automatic inspection machines which will check for any visual anomalies. No compromise with quality: Th