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What Makes HPMC and Gelatine Capsules Different From Each Other

There are different types of capsules shells available. One needs to select the appropriate type depending on the exact requirements. Two types of capsules that are widely used are the HPMC and the gelatine capsules. Some of you may wonder what the differences between these two types of capsules are. Let us check out the details about both the types of capsules. Gelatine capsules : The material used to make these capsules is gelatine. These are cost-effective. One cam customises these capsules on the basis of colour, size, flavours etc. The gelatine is sourced from animals. This may not go down well with people who follow diet restrictions or who are not in favour of consuming animal-based products. However, if you source the capsules from the best manufacturer then you can be rest assured that they will make use of only 100% Bovine gelatine which is BSE/ TSE free. Good manufacturers will make use of certified and good quality gelatine. If you are intending to fill the