What Makes HPMC and Gelatine Capsules Different From Each Other

There are different types of capsules shells available. One needs to select the appropriate type depending on the exact requirements. Two types of capsules that are widely used are the HPMC and the gelatine capsules. Some of you may wonder what the differences between these two types of capsules are. Let us check out the details about both the types of capsules.

The material used to make these capsules is gelatine. These are cost-effective. One cam customises these capsules on the basis of colour, size, flavours etc. The gelatine is sourced from animals. This may not go down well with people who follow diet restrictions or who are not in favour of consuming animal-based products.

However, if you source the capsules from the best manufacturer then you can be rest assured that they will make use of only 100% Bovine gelatine which is BSE/ TSE free. Good manufacturers will make use of certified and good quality gelatine.

If you are intending to fill the capsules with powdered medicine then you can opt for gelatine capsules. You cannot use it for medicines like liquid, gels etc.

HPMC capsules:

Vegetable or HPMC capsules are made from Hypromellose or Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose. These capsules have the appearance of gelatine capsules but they are made from vegetable source. These capsules do not contain any animal products and hence vegetarians and vegan diet followers can consume these capsules. These capsules are made from natural materials and are not at toxic. Hence one can have these capsules for long periods without being worried about the side effects. These capsules provide more flexibility in their application. These capsules can be manufactured in different sizes and colours.

So What Do You Choose?

This will depend on your specific requirements. It will depend a great deal on the medication that is going to be filled inside the capsules. Of course, if you want to make sure that consumers of all dietary preferences have your capsules then you have to select vegetable capsules.

The Choice Of Manufacturer Matters!

Whether you want gelatine capsules or vegetable capsules it all depends on your specific requirements but in either case, you need to make sure that you select only the best manufacturer. Choose a manufacturer who makes use of only superior quality certified raw materials. It is equally important that manufacture has the best manufacturing unit where all the manufacturing is done using only the best manufacturing practices which are hygienic. It is important that the manufacturer makes no compromises with the quality of the product and delivers the order within the required deadline. The manufacturer must also provide the option to customise the capsule as per the requirement. That is the customer must have the liberty to choose the body type, colour, shape, font type and size etc.

Choose the best manufacturer to get superior quality capsules. Whether you select gelatine or vegetable capsules will depend on the definite requisites of the customer.