Reasons You Should Not Drink Cold Water in Summers

Do you hurry to the refrigerator as soon as you get home from work to get a bottle of cold water to relieve your thirst and wash the day's tiredness away? Who, in this sweltering weather, wouldn't want the refreshing reprieve?

Every day the temperature is rising, making it feel imperative to drink as much icy-cold water as possible. But did you realise that what you have been considering to be a great thirst quencher may actually be harming your digestive system? And the ramifications are severe the cooler the water is. Ayurveda cautions against drinking cold water at any temperature.

You should transition from chilled water to water that is at ambient temperature for the following reasons listed by a Hard Gelatin Capsule manufacturer:

The Shocking Elements

Moreover, drinking cooled water after working out is not advised. Gym professionals advise drinking a glass of warm water after exercising. As a result of the significant amount of heat produced after exercise, your digestive system may be negatively impacted if you immediately drink ice-cold water. Also, the cooled water is useless because your body cannot absorb it. As a result of drinking cold water right away after exercising, some people also complain of ongoing stomach pain. This is due to the shock that ice-cold water causes to your body.

May Reduce Heart Rate

Also, some studies have suggested that swimming in cold water may help lower your heart rate. The vagus nerve, the eleventh cranial nerve, is claimed to be stimulated by icy water. This nerve, which is an important component of the body's autonomic nervous system, is what causes the heart rate to slow down. When you drink cooled water, the water's low temperature triggers a neuron that lowers your heart rate.

Hinders fat breakdown

According a capsule manufacturer, drinking cooled water soon after a meal will cause the fats from the food you just ate to solidify, making it more difficult for your body to break down the extra fats in your body. In any case, drinking water right away after eating is not advised.

Sore Throat

Your greater likelihood of developing a sore throat and stuffy nose is another very evident cause, for which even your elders have been forbidding you from drowning cold water. The build-up of extra mucus, which creates the respiratory tract's protective layer, is brought on by drinking chilly water, especially after eating. But, when the tract is clogged, it is more susceptible to inflammatory infections in general.

Restricts Digestion

According to experts, cold drinks and even cooled water constrict blood vessels and impede digestion. Moreover, it prevents the body's normal digestion-induced absorption of nutrients. While the body strives to balance your body temperature and the temperature of the water, it shifts its attention away from digestion, which can actually lead to water loss and make you feel dehydrated. When you ingest anything that is really cold, your body adapts by using energy to raise its usual temperature, which is 37 degrees Celsius.

Originally, the additional energy that is now needed to control the body's temperature was employed during digestion and nutritional absorption. It is therefore always good to drink water that is at room temperature.