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Tips for Giving Medications to Your Kids

Do you wish your child would take their all types of medication more willingly? Never again! No child enjoys swallowing medicines, and toddlers particularly hate it. Most medicines for toddlers come in syrup form, however antibiotics frequently just need to be taken as tablets. A toddler who is ill is already agitated, making it challenging for him to swallow medication.

Here are some techniques by a capsule manufacturer that you can employ if your child too has tantrums while taking his medications.

Powder it

Crushing or breaking a pill is the greatest way to make it simpler for your child to swallow. Either split a large tablet in half or thoroughly powder it. Even though medicine in powder form may taste bitter, your child will have no trouble swallowing it if you add some water to it.

Add flavors

To mask the taste of the medicine, you can also add certain flavors with sweet aromas. Put a few drops of chocolate or strawberry syrup on the spoon with the tablet. This will grab your toddler's interest and cause him to consume it rapidly. Before combining pills with sugar syrups, be sure to speak with your doctor.

Act up

You can even act a little silly to get your kid to think the medicine is tasty. Make faces to show him how delicious the medicine is while acting as though you are the one who is taking it first. After that, force your child to consume the medication and swallow it rapidly. Your kid will have less time to access it, regardless of whether it was in poor taste or not.

Offer incentives

If your child takes his medication as directed, you can promise him his favorite treat. Any other incentive, like playing video games or getting to eat the cuisine of his choosing, will work just as well to get your child to down their medication.

Camouflage it

As per a manufacturer of hard gelatin capsules, the greatest technique to get your toddler to take his or her medications is to disguise them. Pick a favorite food item for your child and bury the medication inside. It could be juice, ice cream, or any other type of food. In this manner, you may effortlessly administer your child's medication without having to deal with any fuss from him.

Break it

If you need to provide more than one medication, you must leave at least 5 to 10 minutes between doses if there are more than three. Giving the medications at intervals may be an easy solution for children who may have trouble taking all the pills at once.

Make taking medication fun and creative

Get creative! Although the exact quantity must be measured out and placed in a syringe or clear plastic medicine cup, children are not required to administer the medication from those containers. They might like to drink it from their favorite little cup, a fantastic action hero spoon, or a tea set cup. You might also want to have your youngster practice administering the medication to a favorite doll or stuffed animal through role-playing.

Choose liquid, capsule or chewable options

Ask your child's doctor or pharmacist about the many medicine formulations that are available. Sometimes drugs are available as chewable tablets, pills that can be broken into little pieces and consumed easily, or capsules that may be opened and sprinkled over meals.


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