Process of Hard Gelatin Capsules Production

Hard gelatin capsules are created and provided empty to the drug business by shell providers and are then filled in a different activity. Manufacturing gelatin capsules includes a bit by bit process that requires severe quality control

Hard gelatin capsules are strong dose structures in which at least one medication substance and additionally inactive materials are encased inside a little shell. They are made to a great extent out of gelatin and comprise of two sections: the body intended to contain the medication and the diluents, and the cap that is around half as long as the body. Most capsules by Capsule Manufacturers fabricated today are of the hard gelatin type. It is assessed that the usage of hard gelatin capsules to get ready strong measurements structures surpasses that of delicate gelatin capsules by around 10-fold.

Raw Materials For Hard Gelatin Capsule Shell Manufacturing

The hard gelatin capsule shell is made to a great extent out of gelatin. Other than gelatin, it might contain materials like plasticizers, colourants, opacifying specialists, and additives that either empower capsule arrangement or work on their presentation. Hard gelatin capsules likewise contain 12-16% water, however, the water content can change, contingent upon the capacity conditions.


Additives (frequently parabens esters) were previously added to hard capsules as an in-process help to forestall microbiological defilement during fabricating. Producers working their plants to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) rules never again use them. In the completed capsules, the dampness levels, 12-16% w/v, are with the end goal that the water action won't uphold bacterial development on the grounds that the dampness is excessively firmly bound to the gelatin atom.

Opacifying Agents

Opacifiers (e.g., titanium dioxide) might be incorporated to clarify gelatin murky. Murky capsules might be utilized to give assurance against light or to hide the substance.


Most often, hard gelatin capsules are hued to upgrade the tasteful properties and furthermore to go about for of distinguishing the item. Colourants utilized should meet the administrative prerequisites of those nations where the item will be sold. Instances of ordinarily utilized capsule colourants incorporate manufactured colours like azo colours and xanthene colours. Iron oxide colours are likewise utilized.


Plasticizers are added to gelatin to decrease the inflexibility of the polymer and make it more flexible. Normal instances of plasticizers are glycerine and polyhydric liquor. Water is additionally a decent plasticizer and is normally present in the gelatin.


Gelatin is by a wide margin the most well-known and most notable material used to deliver hard capsule shells. It is a conventional term for a combination of cleaned protein parts acquired from irreversible hydrolytic extraction of collagen got from different sources.

Manufacture of Hard Gelatin Capsules

Gelatin Capsule Manufacturer manufactures these capsules utilizing a plunge covering technique and the different stages included are as per the following:

· Step 1: Preparation of the gelatin solution (dipping solution)

· Step 2: Dip-coating the gelatin solution on to metal pins (moulds)

· Step 3: Rotation of the dip-coated pins

· Step 4: Drying of the gelatin-coated pins

· Step 5: Stripping and trimming

· Step 6: Joining of the trimmed capsule shell

· Step 7: Printing