Hard Gelatin Capsules: A Comprehensive Guide

A hard gelatin capsule is basically a solid dosage form that is also considered a dry-filled capsule or two-piece capsule. The capsules are widely demanded in the pharmaceutical industry in order to fill medicine in the form of dry powder or tiny pellets. 

What Are Hard Gelatin Capsules?

These capsules are made using hard gelatin and divided into two halves i.e., body and cap. They are utilized for filling dry as well as powdered content. For shell production and encapsulation, gelatin capsules are manufactured using different machines.

A completely different process is employed for manufacturing the Hard Gelatin Capsule. They are prepared using different ingredients including hard gelatin, titanium dioxide, colorings, and plasticizer. There is also a ratio of gelatin and plasticizer i.e., 1:0.4. 

It is important for you to know that a lot of ingredients are not required for producing hard gelatin capsules like soft gels. 

Why Do You Need To Use Hard Gelatin Capsules?

Hard gelatin capsules are widely demanded in different industries such as pharmaceutical, food as well as cosmetic. This is because, the capsule offers a wide range of benefits like strengthen bones, improve health, and grow hair. 

Below-stated is a few reasons why you need to use a hard gelatin capsule.

Less Expensive 

In the entire capsule filing industry, hard gelatin capsules are known to have a low cost. In order to produce these capsules, low cost is involved because there is no requirement for complicated machinery, ingredients, or processes. 

When compared to soft gels, hard gelatin gels are cost-effective to produce which makes their price highly affordable in the market.

Easy To Fill 

One of the other reasons why you should use hard gelatin capsules is that they are very easy to fill and do not require any kind of effort. You can even fill the capsules as per your dosage without taking the help of others. 

It is important for you to know that the entire filling process of the hard gelation capsule demands less time and also the workforce at the same time. You can also fill the capsule easily with different filling machines. 

It Easily Meets Different Demands

The best thing about this hard gelatin capsule is that you can make as well as get them in the market in a wide range of options. 

Gradually with time, the demand for this capsule has increased because it is successfully meeting the varied requirements of diverse customers as well as industries. 

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With hard gelatin gels, you can not only satisfy your need but also your customers at the same time. 

Long Shelf Life 

When compared to other capsules, hard gels come with a long shelf life as well as less maintenance process. 

You can even store these capsules in a humidity-controlled area for a long time without affecting their effectiveness & performance. 

Easy To Digest 

You can easily digest these capsules because they dissolve in your stomach quickly within seconds. 

Therefore, if you are into capsule filling then hard gelatin capsules are a perfect choice for you.