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Most Popular Types Of Capsules You Might Not Know

A capsule is a small case (cylindrical in shape) that encloses medicines or other products. Its content can be in the form of powder, liquids, pellets, tablets or a mixture of any two products. Capsules offer a reliable and efficient packaging solution in the pharmaceutical industries. They are made from different materials that are available in varying sizes depending on the packaging requirements. To meet the dynamic demands and safety requirements in the pharmaceutical industries, there are different types of capsules available in the market.


HPMC Capsules are mainly composed of HPMC and purified water. HPMC is short for hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose , a kind of cellulose obtained by the hydrolysis of plants and is made by etherification. At present, it has been worldwide used in food and pharmacy industry, and recorded in the world's authoritative pharmacopeia. Because HPMC is derived from plants, it is a vegetarian capsule that can be certified and help open the vegetarian markets.


Empty hard gelatin or EHG capsules are proving their uses from ages and thus is popularly being used in several foods, pharmaceuticals and the cosmetic industries. Empty hard gelatin capsules are said to be useful as it helps to strengthen your bones, improves your health, hair growth etc. It is one of the most common types of capsules.


Hard gelatin capsule is commonly used with fully automatic capsule filling machines. They are easier to fill and you can adapt to nearly all capsule filling applications. In most cases, you’ll find that their body and cap have different colors. It has been also found that, the body is white, while its cap is green. Others may be white/blue, yellow/red, red/white, etc.


Soft gelatin capsule or softgel is manufactured from a single material as shown in the image below (they are in one piece). Both filling and manufacturing of the soft gelatin capsules takes place simultaneously. This is not the case with the hard gelatin capsules. These capsules are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes such as round, oval, or tube.


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