Types of Gelatin Capsules

Gelatin compounds are a popular usage in the pharmaceutical industries. They are made of purified protein from the animal bones. They are classified into various categories depending on the level of strength it forms. They are mainly used in the manufacturing of the shell of capsules and these shell capsules are known as Gelatin capsules.

Gelatin capsules are used to dispense the appropriate dose of the drug of the formulation. The unpleasant smell and taste of the drug is covered by the shell, thus, easy to swallow.
Capsule customization is done by the manufacturers to meet the needs of different categories. Look at the following content to know about these categories that are offered by the capsule manufacturers.
  • Hard Shell Capsules: This is the most popular type of capsules which are filled with dried or powered Gelatin placed in thinner structure. It has two sections in which one of the section is filled with the drug as per the requirement and the other part is like a cap of the capsule in which water or oil is mixed.
  • Soft Shell Capsules: These capsules are often elliptical or spherical in shape and are soften gelatin capsules which are manufactured to be filled with liquids, oily or pasty material and more.
  • HMPC Capsules: If you are vegetarian, this is the best alternative of the Gelatin capsules. They are made out of pure natural products and do not contain any animal formed matter.
  • Flavoured Capsules: Due to different preferred flavours, such capsules are high in demand. The coating of capsules are flavoured which covers the smell and taste of the drug making it so easy to consume.

The capsule manufactures create a wide range variety of the capsules differing in colors, shape, size and even flavours. You can pick according to your need by Capsule customization.

Gelatin supplements have several advantages in your health as well in your appearance. Taking these supplements regularly will help boost the metabolism which will also resolve issues like fatigue, weight gain and sleep issues too. They will also enhance the joint health preventing the deterioration of the cartilages. They are also responsible for improving the muscle functions as they contain amino acids which will promote the healthy muscle mass and improve the muscle strength.

Gelatin capsules are also responsible for improved skin tone and improve the digestive system. The amino acids in the supplement is promoting the healthy liver by detoxifying the organ. It also enhances the overall energy of the body, thus, responsible to fight the fatigue and promote the quality of the sleep.

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