A Guide About Pullulan Capsules

Different types of capsules are available which are used for different purposes. The material used in making the capsules is different. The choice of the capsule will depend on what content you intend to fill inside the capsule. One very popular type of capsule is Pullulan. Let us check out details about this material and try and understand why manufacturers are given preference to this type of capsule material.

Understanding the content of Pullulan:

This is a polymer and it is obtained naturally. This polymer is edible but it does not have any taste and it is bland. The source of this material is fungi which are grown on the starch substrate. This material is useful for oxygen sensitive materials as it provides a very good oxygen barrier. This substance is used in the food and beverage industry on a wide scale.

Reasons for the popularity of this material:

One of the main reasons that this material has become very popular is that it has 100% vegetable content and is a natural product. Many people who are strictly vegetarian are hesitant to take gelatine capsules. These people can opt for Pullulan Capsules which are 100% vegetarian and natural products.

There are many advantages to using this capsule:

No substance will become popular if it does not have any advantages. Pullulan is a substance which has many advantages and hence many people prefer to use this material. The look of the material helps in creating the first impression about that material or product. These capsules have a shiny and attractive appearance which many people like.

This material is inert in nature. This means that it does not react with other materials. So you can safely fill any material of your choice inside this capsule without worrying that there might be a chemical reaction between the capsule contents and the capsule material.

As already mentioned this material provides a very good oxygen barrier and hence if any material is sensitive to oxygen then this material can be used without worrying that the material will react with the oxygen in the atmosphere.

The strength of these capsules is very good. It is much better as compared to gelatine capsules. This material has no toxic effects on the environment or on human beings. They are completely safe for human beings and hence this material is being used on a wide scale.

Need capsules made from Pullulan? Then select only a trusted manufacturer!

There are a large number of companies that claim to manufacture capsules made from Pullulan material. But you must select only that manufacturer who gives only quality products. Opt for a manufacturer who is a certified manufacturer in India. Ideally, select a manufacturer who will have WHO-GMP certification. They must use materials that are natural and safe and sourced from only reputed vendors. Select a manufacturer who follows international industry norms strictly. They must provide the best custom made capsules which are as per the requirements.

Now no need to worry about animal source in capsule coverings as Pullulan is 100% natural material