Reasons That Make Pullulan Capsules the Best Choice

These days a natural polysaccharide is used in the manufacturing of capsules. This is beneficial for those people who want non-animal origin capsules. The pullulan type of capsules is an alternative to gelatine capsules.

One of the main reasons that many manufacturers prefer pullulan capsules is that these capsules have several advantages. Let us have a closer look at the many benefits of these capsules.

Vegetarian Option:

These days many people prefer everything, even their capsules to be of non-animal origin. These capsules have only vegetarian content. So, this is one of the best options for all those people who believe strongly in the go green concept and only prefer non-animal origin things.


A natural water-soluble polysaccharide is fermented and this is converted into pullulan. This is a white powder which has no odour or taste and hence it is palatable.

Less Risk And Better Stability:

In the case of these capsules, there are no issues like cross-linking reactions which are normally seen in the case of gelatine capsules. These capsules are also found to have better stability.

Storage And Transportation Are Easy:

It has been found that pullulan capsules can withstand different temperatures. They can be stored in different storage conditions with ease. It has been found that even in conditions of low humidity these capsules do not become hard and brittle. So it is very easy to store these capsules and even transportation of these capsules can be done with ease.


These capsules are non-toxic and they are soluble in water. They are also found to have resistance to acids and alkali. These capsules are also found to have good plasticity.

Truly A Natural Product:

These capsules are found to be free from starch and gluten. Good manufacturers also make sure that they do not add any preservatives to it. There is also one more advantage that it is a non-GMO product. These capsules are also found to have oxygen barrier properties.

Why People Prefer Pullulan Based Capsules?

These days’ people are very conscious about what they eat. They want to make sure that they always opt for only natural products. Many people do not even like to have animal origin constituents in the case of their medicines. Such health conscious people refuse to use gelatine based capsules which have the animal origin. For all such users, these vegetable-based capsules are a good option. These plant capsules are found to have all the properties of gelatine capsules. At the same time, they are a preferred choice for the consumers who prefer non-animal products. These capsules are found to perform well with different ingredients.

Overall thee capsules will help the manufacturers and distributors to meet the quality requirements and they can also fulfill the customer demands. One must only make sure that they opt for the capsules from a good manufacturer to make use of only natural ingredients to manufacturer these vegetarian capsules.