Which is Better: Gelatin Capsule Or Vegetable Capsule?

Many people prefer to take their medications and supplements in the form of capsules. These not only have little or no taste but, also dissolve quickly in the gut and can be easily filled by the manufacturers. Compared to other types of medication, capsules are not affected by the formula and do not change the drug's effect.

If you buy an empty capsule, you have the choice between the traditional gelatin and vegetable capsules. Both types can be used, and the choice depends solely on the requirements of the customers. For pharmaceutical or supplement manufacturers, however, it is helpful to know the substances and benefits of each type. Only then you will know which capsule is most suitable for which product.

Gelatin Capsules

Gelatin is the most widely used substance in capsule production, as it is not only less expensive than alternative substances, but also has positive effects on the body - it is good for the digestive system, protects joints and reduces joint pain, supports a peaceful sleep, improves well-being and strengthens cognitive functions.

Gelatin capsules

The amino acid glycine has an anti-inflammatory effect and is therefore beneficial for a wide variety of ailments. This also improves the intestinal peristalsis, which is of great benefit, for example, in the prevention of chronic conditions such as constipation.

Gelatin contains glycine, which restores the gastric mucosa to prevent stomach ulcers and gastritis.

Gelatin has been used in medicine for many years, and gelatin capsules are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and flavors. Gelatin itself is an animal by-product with a high collagen content and is produced from the connective tissue of cattle or chickens. This can be an issue who prefer a vegetarian lifestyle or for dietary reasons cannot eat these products.

Even though the proportion of people who do not want to eat gelatin for personal or health reasons is not significant, capsule manufacturers should consider other key factors. Gelatin capsules are preferably used for powdered drug formulations. Liquid formulas are usually not compatible with gelatin, and this should be considered when selecting the capsule.

Vegetable capsules

The main ingredient of vegetable capsules is cellulose. This is a natural plant substance, which is free of pollutants and thus does not lead to any known health risks, even if taken for a long time. Due to their vegetable origin, cellulose capsules are suitable for people who, for dietetic or religious reasons, do not consume products of animal origin.

Vegetable capsules

Vegetable capsules also have Halal and Kosher certification. These capsules are also available in varied sizes and colors, and manufacturers are offering both traditional and vegetarian capsules can cover the entire customer base.


Sunil Healthcare understands the target market, as each capsule has its own advantages and disadvantages. Also, since both types are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and tastes, it is essential to ensure that the capsule and the drug formulation are compatible. The reputed brand not only provides quality services but also manufactures effective capsules for health benefits.