What is the variance between Gelatin and vegetarian Capsule?

We all know about the Pills and are suggested for different diseases. There are some that is consumed at the time of illnesses like - headaches and some are taken to live healthier live. Pills come in two forms - tablets and capsules. Tablets are the most common way of medicine.
With added ingredients which are used to bind together, make the tablet in a solid form and people started to ignore tablets because it adds more chemicals in their body, hence most people are switching to capsules.
Types of Capsules
Today, there are two kinds of capsules, gelatin capsules and vegetable capsules. Actually,it is better than a tablet because it is soft and no binding things available to keep the things strong. Capsules are available in soft or hard gels. Here are some benefits to switch capsules over tablets:
  • 1)      Dissolve quickly means your medicine reach into your body parts faster
  • 2)      No taste while consuming
  • 3)      Easy to gulp than tablets
  • 4)      No tough ingredients to make the pill strong

Gelatin Capsules -Vegetarian Capsules

Gelatin Capsules
Well both the capsules look alike, but there are little differences that you should know. Gelatin capsules are produced through a certain parts of animals. Many people do not like this capsule for various factors. It may be religious affiliation that does not allow to consume or vegetarian by nature and don’t want to consume any form of animal things. One more fact of gelatin capsule is that they turn out to be unstable when come to heat. You will have to store the capsules in a cool place.
Vegetarian Capsules
The best alternative of vegetarian people. These capsules are made by cellulose, which is derived from plants. It is great option for people who consider gelatin capsule religiously wrong. They suggest a safe way for people who want speedy release without any guilt of consuming animal parts. Many people are switching to vegetarian capsules as it is easy to consume. The best thing about the capsule is safe and natural for all.
Similarities between Capsules
Despite their differences both carry some similarities - 

  • 1)      They can be stored for many years
  • 2)      Can be store medication without the fear of sickness
  • 3)      Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colored

Such kind of flexibility makes that you need not to worry about what you are buying as both the commonly different. Eventually, your preference on capsules will be your choice.