Why Capsule Manufacturers Offer A Wide Variety Of Colored Gelatin Capsules?

Gelatin is a common ingredient that is used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and many other industries. Its major demand is in capsule manufacturing. This is a basic ingredient of manufacturing the outer body, also known as a shell of the Gelatin Capsules. It is harvested from the collagen of animal bones and then gets boiled to make a gel-like substance. Once the substance cooled down, so, it is further used in the manufacturing of Gelatin Capsules. Basically, it has no taste and is either colorless or slightly yellow. It is the first and foremost choice of a manufacturer, because of its easy made structure, affordability, high demand and many other reasons.

Now the question is why a capsule manufacturers offer colored Gelatin Capsules? The reason is that it makes the identification of right capsule easier for the manufacturer, for filler and for the patient as well. This makes the process of medication easier for the patient as they can identify the capsule with its color, especially at a time when they need to take more than one capsule at the same time. Another reason to add color in it is that it also helps to increase the overall look of the capsule. This may also ensure there are no chances of mixing two capsules, which can be dangerous for the patient.

A manufacturer allowed you to pick endless shades to choose for a particular capsule. Colorants are added to the Gelatin solution to prepare Colored Gelatin Capsules in a variety of shades as per the demand. In some of the capsules, you may also see a difference between the body and the cap because of a different kind of drug filling inside. Choice of color totally depends on the need of the customer. And only food grade and laboratory tested color is used to make colored gelatin capsules. You can even add flavor, color and matching scent in your capsule, which makes medication and identification both easier for the patients.

From the above, it is clear why a capsule manufacturer offers colored gelatin capsules in different shape, size, and weighing capacity. So, what are you waiting for? If you also want any particular specifications or shade requirements, so, feel free to consult a reliable company that has a proper manufacturing facility to fulfill your demand within a mean time. Don’t hesitate to tell your requirements because this is the only way you will find a reputed manufacturer and come to know they are able to satisfy your demand or not.