Sunil Healthcare Limited Ensure The Capsule Quality – Here’s How?

Sunil Healthcare Limited is a name you can trust for the quality of Gelatin Capsules. This is because; we offer the product that manufactured at our in-house manufacturing facility and passes through a number of quality tests. We know that if we improve the quality of our product, it automatically rises up our production capacity, so, we never compromise with it anyhow. Being the second largest EHG Capsules Manufacturer, we test each and every unit as per the customer’s parameter on our modern automatic and semi-automatic capsule filling machine before handing over to the customer.

Each and every capsule manufacture under our in-house facility passed through automatic inspection machines, which help us to identify and eliminate the visual defects if any. Moreover, we also pay attention to the elimination of non-separation, locking and dent problem. We follow a strict in-house manufacturing process that is supervised by our best professionals that make us capable on Suzong, Bosch, GFK, PAM 90,150 and other filling lines. We follow AQL norms to guarantee the best quality products to our customers around the world.

Being the top best Capsule Manufacturer, we give you the assurance that Sunil Healthcare Limited is the name that never disappoints you anyhow. Our in-house manufacturing facility and quality control program help us to minimize manual sorting of capsules, which reduce the chances of human error and contamination. Our strength lies in the quality and design of our Gelatin Capsules that offer accuracy and resistance to deformation during transits. So, feel free to place your order. We are here to help you.


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